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North Vernon and "OVO Aviators" Special Events:

2018 Dates:   Youth in Aviation Day & Young Eagle's Rally!

  Spring:  Saturday, May 19, 2018   (Tentative Date)

  Fall:       Saturday, September 1, 2018  (Tentative Date)

        Please see our "Young Eagle's" page for further details on

                        this full day of fun and activities!






             2018 Date:   Airport Awareness Day

                          Saturday, September 25, 2018 (Tentative Date)

                          See our "AAD" page for further details! 





Chapter 1328 Membership Meeting Schedule:


2018 Chapter 1328 Activities Calendar

               Note:  Dates and activities are tentative and subject to discussion and change.

Jan 20         Bryan Swank                            “Living In The Age of Airplanes”, narrated by Harrison Ford                      Feb 10        TBD
Mar 10       TBD 
Apr 14        Sun n’ Fun Recap
May 12       TBD 
June 9         No Meeting
July 16        No Meeting
Aug 11       OSHKOSH Recap/Pictures
Aug 25       AAD (Tentative date)   
Sept 8         No Meeting   
Oct 13        No Meeting
Nov 10       TBD 
Dec 13       Christmas Party                           Thursday evening


2018 Chapter 1328 Fly-Out / Events Calendar

               Note:  Dates and activities are tentative and subject to discussion and change.

Feb 9     Purdue Career Fair
Mar 24     Urbana Grimes                           Lunch, Museum, B-17 restoration project
Apr 4-9     Sun n’ Fun
Apr 14      Purdue Aviation Day
May 5      Spring Young Eagles  
May 12     French Lick                                Lunch (After business meeting)
May 19     Spring Young Eagles                 (Raindate, if needed)
June 16     Eagle Creek    Lunch
June 30     EAA Awareness Day/Fly-in Pancake    Breakfast
July 17     Hagerstown Flying Circus         Tuesday evening (Popular OSHKOSH enroute destination)
July 23-29  OSHKOSH/AirVenture
Aug 18     Jerry Brown’s Annual Cookout   Joint activity w/ Columbus EAA Chapter
Aug 25     AAD (Tentative date)  

Sept 1       Fall Young Eagles                      AAD plus 1 week
Sept 15     Fall Young Eagles                      (Raindate, if needed) 
Sept 5-     Triple Tree
Sept 6-8    LSA Expo
Oct 5-6     AOPA Fly-In @ Carbondale IL
Oct 6-7     Red Bull Air Race (Indy)
Oct 20      Rough River
Nov 3       Kalamazoo MI   Museum          May move earlier in year for better weather 


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